Introduction to Construction Management – 2nd Edition

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Introduction to Construction Management, Second Edition, is the beginner’s guide to key concepts, terms, processes and practices associated with modern construction management. The new edition has been fully updated with new data, case studies and enhancements and remains the most practical and accessible book on the subject available. Significant new topics have been added including construction ethics, coverage of mental health and wellbeing in the industry, project delivery and Construction 4.0, to make this the most cutting-edge book available for students on construction and engineering management courses.

Supported by diagrams, illustrations and case studies, the book starts with a general introduction to the industry and covers the relevant management theory before providing applied coverage of:

  • Production management
  • Commercial management
  • Quality management
  • Health and Safety management
  • Environmental management

This is the most approachable text available for anyone starting to learn about construction management at any level.


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