Organizational Project Portfolio Management: A Practitioner’s Guide

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Organizational Project Portfolio Management: A Practitioner’s Guide offers a generic, practical methodology and tool kit to design, build, and manage a balanced portfolio at any level of the enterprise. These techniques can be used irrespective of business industry, where the portfolio management group is located within the organizational hierarchy, or the type of projects contained. Key Features –Discusses how the principles of financial portfolio management are applicable to project portfolios, and outlines the three key steps to achieving a profitable project portfolio: 1) Defining your project investment strategy, 2) Selecting the right projects, and 3) Effectively managing them –Presents a model and PPM methodology for a balanced portfolio based on concepts similar to a framework known as the ‘balanced scorecard’ that allows you to create a balance along any project characteristic such as size, risk, and development time –Demonstrates how earned value management techniques can be effectively applied at the portfolio level and addresses risk and uncertainty –Explains how to reprioritize projects when resources become limited, utilize key metrics to monitor and manage portfolio performance, and determine whether a project should be continued or terminated –Uses a case study to illustrates how you can apply the methods and tools presented throughout the text and includes case study exercises to enhance the learning process –WAV offers downloadable charts for managing resources, discounted cash flow and Monte Carlo simulation spreadsheets, and worksheets for portfolio and project case examples in the book


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